Fife College

Why study at Fife College?

Fife College is so much more than an educational institution; we have adopted a culture that instils, encourages and supports skills for learning, skills for employment and skills for life. We are an innovative, forward thinking college and our focus on learning and skills development will equip you with the knowledge, information and confidence that will give you a competitive advantage when progressing onto your future career.

Each year more than 20,000 students choose to study with us and here are just five reasons why you should choose to study at Fife College too:

Fife College offers a flexible learning opportunity to achieve a University of Abertay Honours degree.

In partnership with the University of Abertay in Dundee, we are proud to offer BA & Honours degrees in Business and Accountancy that are student centred in their approach.


Studying your degree at Fife College, allows you to participate in and enjoy a recognised, high quality, BA/BA (Hons) in Accounting with Finance or a BA/BA (Hons) Business Management in partnership with Abertay University, a recognised Centre of Innovation in Dundee and the “Top Modern University in Scotland” (Press for details).

Fife College lecturers deliver the Abertay University degree on the Fife College campus, an associate campus, in a strong, supportive learning environment, to the same high standards that are delivered in Dundee.

These BA/BA (Hons) degree programmes provide a flexible approach which gives you the option to achieve a UK degree, an esteemed qualification, recognised across the world for educational rigour and increased employability, after one academic year of study.

You can then choose to continue your studies for a further year and graduate with an Honours degree, opening up a wide range of employment opportunities or further postgraduate study.